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Business case for Cloud Computing in small-market e-Commerce

One night, I was about to go to bed, and realised that I forgot something – opened my laptop, went to and got immediately distracted by the following video on the landing page:

What an amazing and simple idea! During the video, I already consciously decided that I’m going to buy 2 pieces of the kit – assuming that they are not over $60. By the end of the video, I was prepared to spend about $150 on two fishes. The video has been posted only 4 hours ago and they already got a million hits – wow … Quickly clicked on their web page to go fishing …

And then came the bummer …


I visited back half an hour later, then next morning and then gave it up. How much money would it have costed them to dynamically scale up (let me answer it – roughly $500 a month with Azure) – and how much money they lost from people like me? Assuming that one from every hundred of the visitors would have bought one and couldn’t, that’s about a MILLION DOLLARS in 4 hours … That’s a 2,000 x ROI – even in 2011 it stacks up nicely in the Financial sector … 🙂

Now, this is my #1 business case when speaking to ISVs about e-Commerce and Azure. If you’ve got a better one, please let me know!


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