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Lack of usability testing

Waitrose … I take the box of (fresh) croissant and try to scan* it – it doesn’t scan. The barcode is at the edge of the box. Trying it from different directions, pulling the packaging, but it’s not stretching, it doesn’t want to scan, because the barcode itself is not on a flat surface. Then, an idea comes, I start up my thumb, pushing the edge of the box into a sort-of-flat shape, and Bang! It does scan! Which FAIL category would you classify this into? Looking at the design process, Usability Testing would have caught this …


scanner* For those who are not familiar with Waitrose in the UK or Superquinn in Ireland … In these (slightly more expensive) shops, you get your own scanner to scan your shopping as you go and you give the scanner to the shop assistant at a special checkout area to pay your bill.


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