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Centre of gravity – Design Challenge?

I have dropped my £700 Nikon D90 camera over the weekend. I have had the camera bag on my shoulders in its bag – and I didn’t close the bag. I ran after my son, the bag has flip over and the camera fell out of it, to the ground. Lens shattered, camera survived, only cca. £150 damage. I then looked at the situation and found 2 problems:

1. I was totally crazy to run with an open bag, with a £700 camera in it …

2. The camera bag was designed in a way that its centre of gravity is positioned towards the centre of the bag, so it does roll and flip around – by design. Look at the two pictures below where I hold the bag with the camera inside:

camera 1 camera 2

Would you consider this as a design problem? Perhaps in the usability area? Or even earlier, in the Interaction Design work stream?


One response to “Centre of gravity – Design Challenge?

  1. Anonymous ⋅

    I would like to like this post, but I’m still angry. The good news is, that I’m not angry with you anymore, I’m angre with the BAG! Grrrr

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